Test Corrections

Today one of my students asked me “Can we do test corrections to improve our grade?”.  After some deliberation, I caved. My objective is student learning and of course I am held accountable for their scores.  They will have to earn those points. Below is the template I used. It worked well.  It allowed student to use their notes and the book to help them figure out what they did wrong. They were not allow to ask their neighbors for any help.


Test Corrections Template:

Question#:____ Wrong Answer:____ Correct Answer:___

My original answer was wrong because ____________________________


The correct answer is correct because ____________________________

Show Work:(where applicable)


Interactive Notebook

The interactive notebook has been a great teaching tool for me for the last few years. The Interactive Science Notebook (INB) is a learning tool that involves an “input” (right side) of teacher’s notes and handouts. It also include an  “output”  section (left side) that allows students to creatively relate that information to their own experiences or organize the information in a variety of proven techniques or best practices. The versatility of the interactive notebook is only limited by the student or the teacher, therefore it has no limits. Throughout the year, I will post  a variety of engaging examples that I use in my classroom. You will be amazed how the interactive notebook reaches all of the learning styles in your classroom and allows students to personalize their learning. I am currently in the process of  gathering, organizing and explaining how I implement the activities I do throughout the year into a book. The left side of the notebook is for graphic organizers, charts,  stories, raps, poems, pictures and more. The right side is used for notes and teacher handouts (“input”)

Note: Successfully implementing the Interactive Notebook involves  extensive set-up and procedures but the pay-off is worth it.

Set up of the interactive notebook:

Biology Teaching Resources

My Biology Classroom

Welcome to my website. I hope you find this website to be an extremely useful resource for teaching biology. I will continually update the website with useful information for fellow teachers. On this website you will find a variety of labs, activities, lesson plans, worksheet, readings assignment, quizzes, tests and writing assignments. I will continue to add new materials as I use them in my classroom and find time to add them. I will do my best to give you a look into my classroom with postings of the things we do in my class. I hope I will learn from my reader’s and they will learn from me. Remember, a good teacher is a reflective teacher.