Macromolecules and Enzymes

This week we finished up macromolecules with enzymes. I took to a beach ball to assess what the students knew about each of the macromolecules. Anytime you can get  a part of the beach into your classroom you need to take advantage of it. To do this activity you will need a beach ball and a dry erase marker. Write the names of the macromolecules on each section of the beach ball. I also included vitamins and minerals and a wild. I toss the ball to the students and when they catch it they look to see where their right thumb lands and tell me one thing they know about the molecule their thumb landed on. I then have the students throw the ball back to me to prevent them from being tempted to bounce it off their classmates heads. Participation was 100% and it was able to assess their knowledge of the macromolecules. If a student did not know something I  would give them hints or come back to them.  If a students thumb lands on wild they get to pick the macromolecule. The kids did not want to stop this warm up. Beach Ball Warm Up closure