Create a Pedigree Chart

As an extension to inheritance of traits, students analysed and created a pedigree chart based on a passage that was given.  The pedigree was placed into their Interactive Notebook as pictured below.

On left: Students create a pedigree based on the story. On Right: A key making a pedigree chart.

On left: Students create a pedigree based on the story. On Right: A key for making a pedigree chart.


Punnett Square Practice-Interactive Notebook

wpid-20130307_210610.jpgHere is an excellent set of  five punnett square practice problems students could complete after getting the basics down. I had my students color code them in their interactive notebooks.

Meiosis Activity

After presenting on meiosis and mitosis I had my students create foldables of five assessed vocabulary terms. I gave them 900 seconds to complete the assignment. I use seconds to get the students involved with math and it allows me to easily adjust the time without the students noticing. I made the lesson a competition and offered a homework pass to the most creative and correct foldables. Students had to include a picture with five colors, the definition, example and pronunciation.  Their work was high quality and done quickly since they were judged after 15 minutes.





Interactive Notebook

The interactive notebook has been a great teaching tool for me for the last few years. The Interactive Science Notebook (INB) is a learning tool that involves an “input” (right side) of teacher’s notes and handouts. It also include an  “output”  section (left side) that allows students to creatively relate that information to their own experiences or organize the information in a variety of proven techniques or best practices. The versatility of the interactive notebook is only limited by the student or the teacher, therefore it has no limits. Throughout the year, I will post  a variety of engaging examples that I use in my classroom. You will be amazed how the interactive notebook reaches all of the learning styles in your classroom and allows students to personalize their learning. I am currently in the process of  gathering, organizing and explaining how I implement the activities I do throughout the year into a book. The left side of the notebook is for graphic organizers, charts,  stories, raps, poems, pictures and more. The right side is used for notes and teacher handouts (“input”)

Note: Successfully implementing the Interactive Notebook involves  extensive set-up and procedures but the pay-off is worth it.

Set up of the interactive notebook: