Cell Unit Plan


The following unit plan on CELLS was created as part of the my course work for my Master’s in Curriculum and Instruction for the course Differentiation and Technology. Please feel free to use an of the lessons in your classroom but please do not post them to another website.

Multiple Intelligence Survey-Two parts

Integration Matrix Cell Biology with tiering– The integration matrix combines lesson objectives and correlates them with multiple intelligence and Bloom’s taxonomy. This is an excellent tool to that will allow you to give students options. Also included is a tiering plan that adjusts the difficult level but meets that same objective.

Compacting Plan -The compacting plan can be used to identify content that students already know and gives them an option of six assignments to choose from. It includes a holistic rubric that can be used for all of the assignments. This is a great activity for high achieving students.

Cells Lesson Plan CUR 505

Flexible Grouping– A Powerpoint presentation on grouping strategies that could be presented to students.

Livebinder- Livebinder is an excellent tool for creating an online binder. My favorite part of livebinder is that it allows you to embed other websites and video with ease. The livebinder I created is a guide for parents to help them understand differentiated instruction.

LessonCast– A lessoncast is a short video about a lesson or strategy that teachers can use. My lesson cast was on eInstructions CPS clickers. I was not very fond of creating a lessoncast since it was not very user friendly. It seems to have some bugs.

Unit Plan Essay



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